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Rony Dayan's Blog

Applying Theory U by Otto Scharmer to Communities of Practice

Using Theory U to build and sustain the activity of communities of practice. These are gatherings of different people, coming from different organizations, only having in common the technological difficulties they are facing. These are ordinary people, while Otto Scharmer had the privilege of "charming" (what a convenient name) "leaders and innovators". Those are very special people, as Barbara Streisand sings about lovers. << MORE >>

What ever happened to good old KM?

It seems to me that nowadays, KM is limited to blogs, wikis, networks, and story-telling. Capturing, creating, and retrieving knowledge may not have the glamour of the Web 2.0 techniques, but they belong to the basics, that when missing, there is no basis to build on the modern KM.<< MORE >>

Transforming our KM forum into a Future Center

My recommendation is to position the forum clearly as focused and aligned as possible with the agreed upon goals and to define its competencies to enable it to create the future.<< MORE >>

Learning organization vs. organizational learning

Learning and knowledge can be seen as reinforcing each other: sharing knowledge and identifying new areas for learning. Yet, existing knowledge can obstruct learning and new learning can overturn existing knowledge.<< MORE >>

Present an image of a long-term future as the outcome of a Change Process

• What creates the situation that makes an organization decide to change? • How does the organization decide to what does it want to change? • How the organization does implements the change it has decided for? << MORE >>

Agenda for a KM forum

Reinvention is a process recommended to any organization being established for longer than it can remember for what its original purposes were.<< MORE >>


Practitioners of KM shouldn't despair, and they should indeed make use of those networking principles during their constant battle to implement the KM approach.<< MORE >>